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IndexCopernicus™ Conference service provides critical information on past and future conferences and scientific meeting events, based on an innovative approach integrating IC Scientists and the events.

The registration of the basic information, concerning the event (its title, subject, time, venue, deadlines and registration requests), can all be performed via IC Conference. Information such as the participants, topics, list of members of organizing and scientific committees must be linked individually by each member of the organizing committee or each participant through a personal account at IC Scientists.

Therefore, it is to the benefit of anyone involved with a particular "event" to sign up for IC Scientists. This integrated one time processes enables each participant to examine the over all participation list and view the oral, poster or plenary presentations. Taken together, each event/conference will add to the visibility of the event, ensuring the greatest audience possible in a timely fashion. Furthermore, since this represents a group process as well, serving as a verification/documentation of participation.

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